Serving the Word: Mt 21: 33-43.45-46

FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2020

Matthew 21, 33-43.45-46:
“The kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruits.

Deep down, today’s Gospel leads us to the acceptance or rejection of Jesus.
Our Father God sends him to us continually, not to ask us inquisitively to give an account, but to make the values of his Kingdom bear fruit in us: peace and justice, forgiveness and mercy, goodness and joy…
But, on the other hand, there can be, and often is, a failure to accept this Son sent by the Father.
We kill him and make of his vineyard not what he expects but what is convenient for us. We kill in our life the presence of Jesus because it can make us uncomfortable.
We kill him and we keep his inheritance.
We think we own the vineyard. We cultivate it as we please. We do not give the fruits of the Kingdom. We embezzle its profits. And we even reject the messengers the Father sends us for our good and for our conversion.
Ask the Lord today that the true vine may grow in you, bearing abundant fruit of good works.
Cleanse and prune all the blemishes that grow day by day and paralyse your life and your good desires.
Good day.

Antonio María Sanjuán Marín, cmf

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