Serving the Word: Mt 13, 18-23

Matthew 13, 18-23:
“What is sown in good soil is the one who hears the word and understands it; that one bears fruit and yields a hundred or sixty or thirty times as much.”

Today, Jesus comments on the parable of the sower.
The seed that the sower has sown in the field is the same for all soils. But the fruit, if it bears fruit, is different in each place.
You are good soil. Every day the seed of the Word is sown in you. You welcome it and try to make it bear fruit.
But you will also notice every day that weeds are born in you. That your soil is hardened and that stony places appear.
Do not be discouraged. Continue to cultivate your land.
You will see the fruit sooner or later. The sower himself, who is the Lord, will help you to make your plot of land better every day.
Trust in the Lord. He will give you a big heart, capable of accepting his Word with readiness to make it mature with patience and perseverance so that it will bear fruit with generosity for the good of all.
Entrust yourself to Mary, the woman who heard, welcomed and incarnated the word.
Good day.

Antonio Maria Sanjuan Marin, cmf

(Today’s image was created by the missionary in formation José Manuel Marín Mena cmf)

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