Serving the Word: Mk 12: 1-12


Mark 12:1-12:
“A man planted a vineyard, surrounded it with a fence, dug a winepress, built the watchman’s tower, leased it to tenants, and went on a journey.

We are all workers in the Lord’s vineyard. But sometimes we think we are, each one at our position, the owners of the vineyard and we kill in ourselves all those “sent” and the “messages” that the owner of the vineyard sends us.
We even think we are above the heir, appropriating what is not ours to make the most of it.
Today the Lord is giving us a call to review our capacity for acceptance.
In the first place, our acceptance of Jesus and his Gospel.
Ask yourself how you welcome Jesus into your life.
And you will see it to the extent that you put his Gospel into practice. Ask yourself also today how you welcome the other things he sends you: people, occasions, events…
The Lord wants you to be a good worker in his vineyard and to welcome all his visits by letting yourself be challenged by them.
Good day.

Antonio María Sanjuán Marín, cmf


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