Serving the Word: Lk 11: 14-23

Luke 11, 14-23:
“He who is not with me is against me; and he who does not gather with me scatters.”

We often try to reconcile our life of following Jesus with the following of other “lords”.
We want to be with Jesus Christ and associate with him, but we also fall into the temptation of being involved in matters very contrary to Hisand also try to take advantage of them.
What happens is that with Jesus there is no place for mediocrity. He tells us very clearly.
You must want to base your life on solid and firm rock.
You must want to gather the authentic fruits of life.
You don’t want your life to be diluted and lost in vain.
You don’t want your life to be gathered into cracked cisterns.
Then get closer to Jesus. Gathering in with Him, you are not scattering,you are building to last and you are gathering a real life. Look today for a way to be with Jesus and not waste any moment of this day. Good day.

Antonio Sanjuan Marin, cmf

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