Serving the Word: John 7: 40-53


John 7, 40-53:
“No one has ever spoken like this man.”

No one is indifferent to Jesus.
In this gospel people talk about Him. While the simple people approve of him, the Pharisees and religious leaders reject him.
While some say that “no one has ever spoken like this man”, others claim that “no prophet comes out of Galilee”.
The religious leaders try to eliminate him because Jesus makes them uncomfortable. With Jesus, many of his assurances fall apart. For them he cannot be a prophet.
For the people he is really “the prophet”.
You stand before Jesus today. He offers himself to you, he will never confront you. Let yourself be seduced by him, by his person, by his deeds, by his words…
For you, no one ever speaks like that man. Open yourself to this person and to his message of salvation.
And really think: what is more powerful in you, the message of Jesus or the message of the world?
Good day.

Antonio Maria Sanjuan Marin, cmf


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