Serving the Word: John 7, 1-2.10.25-30


John 7, 1-2.10.25-30:
“Then Jesus, while teaching in the temple, cried out.

Jesus foresaw the final outcome of his life in Jerusalem.
And on the Jewish feast of the Tents he goes up secretly to the Holy City.
But, once there, he cannot keep the truth quiet and, without any fear, begins to teach in the temple.
He even shouts out when he has to speak about the Father so that everyone knows God’s plans.
I wish we were all as free to talk about God as Jesus was.
If only we could all give open and fearless testimony to our faith.
At times we are afraid and we hide so as not to show our faces when we have to shout loudly.
And today we are the voice of Jesus. And that voice must be heard clearly in the midst of other voices that in our world shout the opposite.
Do not be afraid when you have to cry out for God, brotherhood, justice, forgiveness, Jesus…
Do not let yourself be imprisoned or blocked by fear when you have to speak of your Father.
Speak of your faith and of God’s action in your life without any fear.
Good day.

Antonio Maria Sanjuan Marin, cmf


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