Serving the Word: John 14: 27-31a

John 14, 27-31a:
“Peace I leave with you, my own peace I give to you”.

The peace that we seek between countries, many times is achieved by a treaty or a pact that at any moment can be broken or disregarded.
The peace that we sometimes have among ourselves is achieved by a balance of power that we keep in order not to damage ourselves but it too can break down or be disregarded at any time.
The peace that I keep with myself I think is often just the absence of problems.
But the peace that Jesus gives to me and gives to us is another thing.
It is not based on a treaty or in a balance of power, nor in the absence of problems.
The peace that Jesus gives us is based on truth, in love, justice, forgiveness, in freedom, purity of heart and in all other values of the Gospel.
Ask today for yourself and for the whole world the peace that the Lord gives us.
Ask for that harmony that makes us feel at peace with God, with all of nature, with all women and men and with ourselves.
That today and always the peace of the Lord be with you.
Good day.

Antonio Sanjuan Marin, cmf

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