Serving the Word: 7th October


Luke 11, 1-4:
“Lord, teach us to pray.

“To pray is to abandon oneself in God’s embrace” (St. John Paul II).
“Prayer is the breath of the soul. If we do not breathe we die. If we do not pray we do not have a spiritual life” (Benedict XVI).
“Above all, we must take time for contemplation and silence, especially if we live in the big cities, where everything is agitation. I always begin my prayer through silence” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).
May these words of these three great prayers encourage you not to miss a few minutes of prayer on any given day.
You will learn to call God, Father and to feel what it means.
Every day you will know how to abandon yourself in his arms and you will know that he is always waiting to embrace you.
Try to be in the presence of the Lord for a good while today, repeating many times: “Lord, teach us to pray!
Good day.

Antonio Maria Sanjuan Marin, cmf

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