Serving the Word: 6th September

Luke 4, 38-44
“When it was daylight he went out to a lonely place. People were looking for him”.

We see today that Jesus’ agenda was very busy. But all his activity can be summarised in three very clear blocks:
1: Jesus proclaims the Kingdom with his preaching from village to village.
2: He cures illnesses and delivers from every evil: he drives out fever, casts out demons, restores health.
3: He prays to the Father. He withdraws to solitary places to pray.
Try to fill your daily schedule as Jesus did.
1: May your life, your words, your actions be a continuous proclamation of the Gospel.
2: May you heal every kind of ailment that is within your reach.
3: May your day never lack the time dedicated to your direct encounter with the Father in prayer.
Good morning to you.
Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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