Serving the Word: 6th March


Luke 6, 36-38:

“Be merciful… Do not judge… Do not condemn… Forgive… Give… Whatever measure you use, they will use it on you.”


What different measures we use to measure ourselves and to measure others.

This Monday in Lent may be a good day for you to review your measures:

✓ Of capacity: how far are you able to forgive? Are you one of those who say “I forgive but I do not forget”? Keep in mind that this is not how God forgives.

Of length: how far is your measure of love and mercy? Remember that the measure of God’s love is to love without measure.

✓ Of weight: is your weighing scale fair? Do you weigh more or tip the scales more according to your personal interests?

God always leans towards mercy.

+ Forgive by burning and making ashes.

+ Love without measure.

+ Be filled with mercy.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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