Serving the Word: 6th February


Mark 6, 53-56:

“In every village, town or hamlet where he came, they laid the sick in the market place and begged Jesus to let them touch at least the fringe of his cloak; and those who touched it were healed.”


We continue to contemplate the life and activity of Jesus. People come to him and he comes to them.

Wherever Jesus goes, he creates friendship, trust, intimacy…

+ Jesus was close, he welcomed everyone with affection, without haste. No one felt rejected, forgotten, marginalised or unloved by him.

+ Jesus knew how to listen. And not only words. He also listened to what people felt and lived.

+Jesus knew how to accompany. He knew how to be at the side of each person to laugh or cry with them. He walked with the people.

+ Jesus knew how to console, to restore hope and the meaning of life. With him joy was always born and reborn.

You too, like Jesus, try to live like this. Work to become more like him every day. And you will notice that your happiness will increase day by day.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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