Serving the Word: 5th September

Luke 4, 31-37
“For he spoke with authority”.

How many words can you utter in a normal day in your daily life? How many of them can be full of content and how many of them can be empty words, protocol, routine…?
The same “good morning” or “good evening” that you say can be full words or empty words.
Jesus’ words were full of authority. His words were a living expression of his feelings, of his heart, of the deepest part of his being. Jesus was the author of his words and therefore his words were full of authority.
Try today to do the exercise of “speaking with authority”. Let your words be the expression of yourself. And may they always be the expression of the best of yourself. Today I want to pass on to you this brief reflection from my own little authority.
Good morning to you.
Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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