Serving the Word: 5th November


Luke 16, 9-15:

“He who is faithful in a little is faithful also in much”.

We sometimes believe that heroes are those people who perform great deeds. If this were so, few people could be awarded the title of heroism. We would miss an infinite number of heroic people who in the hidden and the small are making of their lives a continuous act of heroism:

– mothers who fight hard to bring up their children,

– people who day after day, in the midst of multiple occupations, take care of a sick relative,

– volunteers in Caritas and other institutions who give to others precisely the time that they do not have to spare,

– and so many other people who are faithful in the little that they do every day, but who are doing great wonders for others.

These are all men and women who have discovered true service and true fidelity to God and to others in these seemingly small things. They are the ones who constantly encourage us to live the adventure of heroism.

Try today, and throughout your life, to be a hero in these small things.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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