Serving the Word: 5th January


John 1, 43-51:

“Jesus meets Philip and says to him, “FOLLOW ME”. Philip finds Nathanael and says to him: “WE HAVE FOUND JESUS…. COME AND SEE”.


Philip meets Jesus and this encounter leads to a following.

Philip meets Jesus and deals with Jesus. And so he knows from experience who Jesus is.

You will only know Jesus by dealing with him and the more you deal with him the more you will know him.

Just as you will get to know a friend to the extent that you deal with them.

When Philip meets Jesus he introduces him to others, he introduces him to Nathanael.

But he introduces him not with beautiful and theoretical words but with an invitation that springs from his own experience: “COME AND SEE”.


* On what is your knowledge of Jesus based: on theories or on experience?

* How are you going to try to know Jesus: from your own experience, from your own dealings with him?

* Do you dare to invite others to get to know him better?

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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