Serving the Word: 30th December


Luke 2, 36-40:

“Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher, was a very old woman. She came by at that time and gave thanks to God and spoke of the child to all those who were waiting for the deliverance of Jerusalem”.


Today it is an old woman who speaks of Jesus. A simple woman who had spent her whole life devoted to the temple.

Reading and praying this Gospel, I cannot help but have an affectionate and grateful memory of so many grandmothers, close and simple women, who have been, and continue to be, heralds of Jesus.

Elderly women who have been, and continue to be, great educators of the faith.

Let us pray today for all those grandmothers who, with their words, advice, sacrifices, availability, in humility and simplicity, have taught us, and continue to teach us and accompany us on the way of Jesus.

Good day.

Antonio Sanjuán Marín, cmf



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