Serving the Word: 28th June


Matthew 7, 15-20:

“By their fruits you will know them”.


By our baptism and our confirmation all Christians are prophets.

To be a prophet does not mean to predict the future. We can call that being a fortune teller.

To be a prophet in Christianity means to be a person who announces the Gospel of Jesus.

And this proclamation can be made either authentically or falsely.

To be an authentic prophet is to be a prophet as Jesus was:

☆ announcing the love of God,

☆ announcing the forgiveness and mercy of the Father,

☆ announcing the forgiveness of the brethren for one another,

☆ proclaiming the joy of salvation,

☆ announcing, in short, that we are all children of God and brothers and sisters to one another.

We are false prophets when we are prophets of calamity, punishment and condemnation….

Rekindle in you the gift you have of being a prophet.

Try to be a prophet in the style of Jesus and let them know by the fruits of the life you want to transmit.

“By their fruits you shall know them”.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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