Serving the Word: 27th June

TUESDAY 27th JUNE 2023

Matthew 7, 6.12-14:

“Enter through the narrow gate”.


There are many “doors” that open us up to many things and possibilities of life and in life.

There are “doors” that open us to the good things in life: to love, to work, to our brothers and sisters, to encounter, to giving and service….

And there are “doors” that open us to the destruction of ourselves and of others.

Jesus tells us in the Gospel that he is the door through which the sheep enter, which is us.

To enter through the narrow gate is to enter through Jesus. He is the gate that opens us to fullness. He is the door that opens us to the Father and, therefore, to complete happiness.

In everything you do and in everything you say “enter through Jesus”.

Even if sometimes entering through this “door” requires sacrifice, renunciation and non-acceptance by others.

To enter through Jesus means that in everything you do and in everything you live you try to act and live as Jesus acted and lived.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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