Serving the Word: 27th December


John 20, 1a.2-8:

“He saw and believed”.


Today we celebrate the feast of Saint John the Evangelist.

And when I read today’s Gospel I imagine him and the other two of Jesus’ disciples bewildered and running before the fact of the empty tomb.

They are three disciples whose great affection for the Master no one can dispute:

* Mary Magdalene, the one who had treated the Lord so much and who had listened so much to his words.

* John, the young disciple who loved Jesus and was loved by him.

* Peter, who had denied him three times but wept bitterly when he reflected on his betrayal.

And I think that it is from there, from this great love for the Lord, that they understand his resurrection.

In the hearts of these three disciples the Lord was always alive. That is why they were the first witnesses of his resurrection.

In them, love precedes faith. They believe because they previously loved their Lord.

Enkindle in you today the love of Jesus Christ. You will feel it alive and radiant in the depths of your heart.

Continue to live the Nativity of the Lord with joy.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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