Serving the Word: 24th November


Luke 21, 5-11:

“Jesus said to them, “Many will come and using my name, saying, ‘I am he,’ or, ‘The time is near,’ but do not go after them”.

Nothing is further from the feeling and thinking of Jesus than to want to frighten us with predictions of wars and disasters.

Jesus is not a prophet of calamities, but of peace, joy, hope and salvation.

What he wants to teach us in this gospel is to watch, as faithful servants, so that his love and salvation will always triumph.

He wants us to know how to read the signs of the times on a daily basis.

He wants us not to be deceived and gawked at by those who want to usurp his name by promising false salvations or making spectacular gestures.

He wants us to work to build the present by leading an authentic and coherent life. He wants us to approach life from his Gospel because it is the only and best way to discover God’s will and prepare ourselves for his mysterious and saving coming.

Build your life on the firm rock that is Jesus Christ and don’t be afraid of anything.

Have Him as your guide and teacher in all your actions.

Good day.

Antonio Maria Sanjuan Marin, cmf


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