Serving the Word: 23rd May

MONDAY 23rd MAY 2022

John 15, 26-16, 4a:

“When the Paraclete comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, He will bear witness to me, and you also will bear witness.”


Let us not lose sight of the fact that the Gospel is always new.

It is the eternal newness that will always be in opposition to the old.

It will always oppose everything that renders a person old: passivity, comfort, cowardice and selfishness, complacency….

And it is logical that everything that is old in us, in society and in the Church itself, will reveal itself and want to annihilate everything that is new.

We will suffer in one way or another as long as we want to live the newness of the Gospel.

Jesus tells us today not to falter in these moments because the Holy Spirit, the Defender, will always be with us.

He will be our strength and our unwavering defence.

Ask much today for the strength of the Holy Spirit that Jesus sends us from the Father.

Good day.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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