Serving the Word: 22th October


Luke 12, 49-53:
“I have come to set the world on fire; I wish it were already burning!

Jesus was the first to set this fire of the Gospel in the world.
And after Him, to this day, many of His followers have continued to set this fire and have made it possible throughout history for the fire brought by the Gospel not to be extinguished.
Let us think of so many men and women whom we could call “men and women of fire”.
Men and women burning with God’s love who set the fire of this love of God in everything they did and in everything they lived.
Fire burns, purifies, illuminates, warms, and infects with its flame everything it touches. The fire does not stop, it tends to expand, to become a raging fire.
Ask the Lord for this grace: that like Jesus and like so many men and women in the history of Christianity, you too may be a person of fire.
May you set the fire of the Gospel on everything you touch.
Good day.

Antonio Maria Sanjuan Marin, cmf

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