Serving the Word: 22nd October


Luke 13, 1-9:

“Then he said to the vinedresser, “You see, I have been coming for three years to look for fruit on this fig tree, and I cannot find it. Cut it down; why should it occupy the ground for nothing? But the vinedresser replied, “Sir, leave it alone this year; I will dig around it and put manure on it, and see if it bears fruit. If not, cut it down.


God never tires of giving us opportunities.

This should fill us with hope and confidence because we always have the possibility and the opportunity to respond positively to God’s plan.

But we must do something to grow and open ourselves to the fertiliser with which the Lord intends to bring us forth so that we bear good and abundant fruit. We need time to mature and bear fruit and to convert and change the mentality of the heart.

God always gives us opportunities for life to sprout from our somewhat withered “fig tree”.

Let us take advantage of so many moments, so many people and so many circumstances that are given to us to develop our capacity to respond, to welcome, to commit ourselves and to grow spiritually.

Exercise today not to fall into the temptation of conformism and mediocrity.

May you bear mature fruits of good works.

Ask this in all confidence of the Lord.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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