Serving the Word: 22nd February


Matthew 6, 1-6. 16-18:


Today, Ash Wednesday, we begin Lent. That journey that will lead us to the Passover of Jesus.

The celebration of Easter is the central celebration of the whole Christian year.

From today we will try to prepare ourselves for the celebration of this central event of our faith. And we do this in three ways:

  1. By praying more:

By relating more to God. By listening more frequently and more deeply to his Word. So that it may transform us and cause us to die to all that prevents us from rising again.


  1. We also prepare ourselves with more fasting:

Fasting from everything that hinders us from growing as Christians. It may be our selfishness, it may be our grudges, it may be our envy, it may be our wastefulness, etc.


  1. And also giving alms:

And not just giving money, but giving ourselves. To give ourselves in service, to give ourselves in giving, to give ourselves in helping, to give ourselves in whatever we see that others need from us.

May you have a good preparation for the Passover of the Lord.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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