Serving the Word: 21st January


Mark 3, 20-21:

“Jesus went home with his disciples and so many people gathered again that they would not even let them eat. When his family heard of this, they came to take him away because they said he was not in his right mind”.


St. John of God was called the “Madman of Granada” because his actions were not “normal”.

A person in love acts more from the heart than from the head.

St. John of God, like all saints, was a faithful follower of Jesus. And Jesus was in love with the things of the Father.

Jesus fell in love with the poor, the sick, the children, the weak, those who do not count…. And his heart led him to act on their behalf. That is why his own relatives came to believe that he was mad.

And certainly Jesus was suffering from the “madness of love”.

May they also think of us, followers of Jesus, that we are “crazy”. May they also say that we are “not in our right mind” because we are in love with the things of the Father.

Try to commit today, even if it is very small, some “madness of love”.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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