Serving the Word: 20th October


Luke 12, 1-7

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but can do no more”.

“Do not be afraid”, Jesus tells us today. Fear does not allow us to be ourselves. It paralyses us, it does not allow us to walk safely, it sets off alarms everywhere, it puts blindfolds on our eyes and, in short, it destroys and kills us.

Jesus invites us to have full confidence in the Father, who takes loving care of even the simplest sparrows.

He invites us to have full confidence in this Father of his and ours who is so attentive to us that not a single hair on our head falls out without his consent.

Try always to walk in the light and to walk in truth. Put all fear and trepidation away from you and let trust in the Father fill you to the full.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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