Serving the Word: 19th July

MONDAY 19th JULY 2021

Matthew 12, 38-42:

“Here is one who is more than Jonah… here is one who is more than Solomon”.


We are immersed in God’s love without realising it.

With little thought, we can see signs of this love of God continually and everywhere.

We can see signs of his goodness, his mercy, his love, his care, his patience, his forgiveness?

If we want to, we can feel and sense God’s presence at our side.

But it is possible that the senses of the spirit are dulled and we do not know how to grasp all these signs, as happened to Jesus’ contemporaries. Those scribes and Pharisees who asked for signs without realising that the sign of love that the Father gave them was Jesus himself. A greater sign than Jonah and Solomon.

Ask the Holy Spirit today to revive in you the senses of your spirit with which you can appreciate and respond to so many manifestations of God’s love in you and in all creatures.

Good day.

Antonio Sanjuán Marín, cmf



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