Serving the Word: 18th May

THURSDAY 18th MAY 2023

John 16, 16-20:

“But your sorrow will turn to joy”.


In today’s Gospel Jesus is speaking to his disciples about his coming death.

He predicts that they will weep and mourn for his absence.

But he also promises to change their sadness into joy.

It sometimes happens to us too that we feel the absence of Jesus. He seems to leave us, to go away from us.

And we feel sadness, tiredness, darkness and abandonment.

These are moments when we cannot lack faith or hope.

Jesus is always there, even if sometimes the darkness hides the light.

Let us never doubt that every sadness placed in Jesus’ hands will turn into joy.

Put your sadness and the sadness of all people into his hands today, so that he may raise them to joy.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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