Serving the Word: 18th January


Mark 3, 1-6:

“Jesus went into the synagogue again, and there was a man there whose hand was withered…. Jesus said to him, ‘Stand up and stand in the middle… stretch out your hand’… he stretched it out, and his hand was restored”.


Once again we see another act of Jesus in which he restores lost dignity to a man who, because of his handicap, would have to beg for food.

And Jesus realised this in a sacred place: the synagogue. And at a sacred time: the Sabbath.

By this he indicates that what is really sacred for him is the human person.

And he says to the man: ” Get up! Which is the same as saying to him: “Rise!”. Because God does not accept anything that can mortify or degrade man, enslave him or annul him.

God wants for man dignity, love, care, hope, joy, health…

Think today of those aspects of your life that you may have somewhat weakened and place them in the presence of Jesus.

He also says to you: ” Get up”, ” Rise!

And also today you may meet people whose hope, their joy, their capacity to love or their capacity to forgive are stunted.

Tell them with your deeds what Jesus said to the one who was paralysed: “Get up… stand in the middle… stretch out your hand!

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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