Serving the Word: 17th September


Luke 7, 36-50:
” Her many sins are forgiven because she has much love.

Two prototype characters appear in this gospel:
A Pharisee of impeccable conduct and a woman of very reproachable conduct.
■ The Pharisee, who is above all, who knows everything and who becomes the judge of everything and everyone.
He is a person full of laws, rules and judgments, but empty of love and affection.
■ A woman, who is at the feet of Jesus, who cries, who covers those feet with kisses, who bathes them with tears and who anoints them with perfume.
She is a person empty of herself and full of love.
And she is the person with whom Jesus takes sides.
She is the person who opens herself to the mercy and forgiveness of Jesus.
Look for a while today and place yourself at Jesus’ feet so that He may empty you of every Pharisaic trait and fill you with his infinite mercy, his infinite love and his infinite forgiveness.
Enjoy the day God gives you.
Good day.

Antonio Maria Sanjuan Marin, cmf

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