Serving the Word: 16th October


Luke 11, 29-32

“This generation is a perverse generation. It asks for a sign, but the sign of Jonah will no longer be given to it”.

We are very prone to live by superstitions. We see signs of good or bad luck in many things and events: horoscopes, words, dates, animals. And we do not realise, even believers in Jesus, that the great sign is Jesus Christ.

Let us not look for more signs and miracles to guide our lives. Jesus is the sign and the definitive word of God.

Don’t consult horoscopes or anything like that to know and see how your day, week, or life will go. Pray with the Word of God every day and from this Word, God will show you your daily path of following Jesus. There you will find the meaning of your life and the path of your happiness.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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