Serving the Word: 14th October


Luke 11, 27-28

“Blessed is the womb that bore you, the breasts that nursed you”. But Jesus replied: “Rather, blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it”.

Praise is a form of blessing. Two praises appear today in the Gospel. The first one comes from the mouth of a woman and is addressed to the Mother of Jesus. She is blessed because she has accepted God’s plan and is therefore blessed by God and mankind.

The second praise comes from the lips of Jesus. And it is addressed to all those who listen to and fulfil the Word of God.

They are also blessed for the same reason: because to hear and fulfil the Word of God is to accept from the heart the plan of affection and blessing that God has for every human being.

This praise is also addressed to you today. You are blessed, you are blessed, because at this very moment you are listening to and accepting the Word of God and in you there is a desire to fulfil it.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf


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