Serving the Word: 13th March

MONDAY 13th MARCH 2023

Luke 4, 24-30:

“No prophet is well regarded in his own land”.


All of us were born and are living in the “land of Jesus”:

Since we were little we have heard about him. We have attended catechesis. We usually spend some time in prayer and we also frequently participate in the Eucharist.

That is why I say that we are in “the land of Jesus”.

But we are in danger of becoming so accustomed to him that, being his “countrymen”, we do not pay attention to him and are not aware of his presence. It can be that we do not accept that he can speak to us through people, through circumstances, through everyday events and happenings….

Ask the Lord today to open your eyes wide so that you can see him every day in people and events and be amazed at the daily marvels that he is continually working with you and with everyone.

Good day to you.

Antonio Sanjuan Cmf



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