Serving the Word: 10th September


Luke 6, 27-38:
“I say to you who listen to me, with what measure you measure, will be measured out to you”.

Certainly Jesus knows to whom and for whom He speaks.
The words of today’s Gospel cannot be addressed to just anyone.
They represent an intense summary, by way of a practical synthesis, of all his language and all his message.
And, like the whole Gospel, they are demanding, clear and direct.
And they can only be understood by those who listen to Jesus.
Those who listen to Jesus like those who listen to the rain cannot understand the deep meaning of his message.
And yet, in his message, in his Gospel, we find the keys to a happy existence: to love and to do good. Try today to love, to bless, to give, to lend, to do good, to be compassionate, not to judge, not to condemn, to forgive…
In a word: use the measure that you want to be used with you.
And you will see that this measure is the same measure of your happiness.
May you enjoy listening to Jesus today.
Good day.

Antonio María Sanjuán Marín, cmf

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