Serving the Word: 10th June


Matthew 5, 20-26:

“If, when you are about to place your gift at the altar, you remember right there that your brother has a complaint against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go first and be reconciled to your brother, and then bring your gift again.”


Jesus warns us today of a double standard that those of us who consider ourselves his followers may be doing:

* On the one hand, we try to behave well with Him, we want to please Him. And so we pray, we take part in some solidarity campaign or other, we collaborate with some NGO or other, we belong to some brotherhood or confraternity, we take part in some processions, we normally go to mass on Sundays and even on weekdays….

* But, on the other hand, we are also giving worship to our envy and hatred, to our laziness and indifference, to our injustices and favouritism, to our materialism and sensuality, to our lack of faith, hope and charity, etc.

Let us work to ensure that we never separate the worship we give to God from the service we must also give to our brothers and sisters.

The two are inseparable.

Good day.

Antonio Sanjuán Marín, cmf



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