Saint Anthony Mary Claret Day 2023 in our schools

In these days we continue to echo the celebration of Father Claret’s Day (October 24th) in different areas. It is the turn of our schools of the Province of Fatima.


Claret School of Don Benito.

The students of the school spent the day carrying out activities such as a creative workshop, photocall, sports, music and science activities… which filled the school’s facilities and playgrounds with life and joy. In addition, all the school staff, current and former teachers and workers, ended the day of celebration of our patron saint with a moment of prayer where the life of Father Claret was the protagonist. Afterwards, they celebrated a day of conviviality.


Claret School in Seville.

The students of the centre celebrated Father Claret’s Day in style praying, singing, thanking God for so much good that our founder has given to the world and to the Church and enjoying some sweets. In addition, on Saturday 21st October, as a start of the activities around St. Anthony Mª Claret, 570 students of the school participated in a massive and joyful procession in honour of the saint.


Claret School of Las Palmas.

It was a special day as the school is also celebrating the 175th anniversary of Father Claret on the island. Around 1,000 students of the Claret School of Las Palmas gathered in the Plaza de Santa Ana and the Cathedral to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the passing of their patron saint through Gran Canaria: around 10.00 am, all the secondary students, from 1st ESO to 2nd Bachillerato, left from the Rabadán section passing through León y Castillo, Triana, the Puente de Piedra and Obispo Codina until they met, shortly before 11.00 am, with the 5th year Primary students in the Plaza de Santa Ana. All with the help of the teachers and the local police. There, in the open air, a commemorative act was held to highlight the mark that the ‘Padrito’ has left on the educational community, which culminated with a message from the headmaster, Fr Juan José García cmf. Afterwards, they went to the Cathedral where a special Eucharist took place, presided by Fr. Santiago Cerrato cmf.


Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos (CIC).

The activities were carefully prepared in advance. Thus, first thing in the morning, the students had a time of prayer in community to celebrate the Word and also a moment of encounter among themselves, with each other and with God. Throughout the day they also had the opportunity to experience other moments of celebration and fraternisation: they participated in an activity whose main objective was to learn more about the life and work of St. Anthony Mary Claret, in karaoke and in other leisure activities. It is worth mentioning that the Celebration of the Word, which took place in two parts, was attended not only by the students and the members of the Pastoral Council, but also by Professor Filipe Coutinho “directing” the Celebration, Fr. José Maia cmf, president of the Board of Directors of CIC, and Professor Vitor Barbosa, a Claretian missionary who has joined the CIC Family this academic year. At the end of the day, the sports pavilion was completely full for the “CIC Party”.

It must be remembered that next Friday, October 27, from 21.15 hours, another Solemn Academic Session for the academic year 2022/23 will be celebrated in the Sanctuary Heart of Mary, so the whole collegiate community is invited to another moment of celebration in family.


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