Proclade Betica invites you to get to know “MIGRATORY LIVINGS: Every person, a great story” with a street action

The first programme that Proclade Betica launched in the project “Right to dream: promoting critical awareness with migrants for a global citizenship”, which is called “MIGRATORY LIVINGS: Each person, a great story” and which runs from 7 to 15 July at the Claret School in Seville, concludes with a street action.

Thus, on Friday 15 July at 21.00, in the Alameda, an action of activism through street art will be performed to promote knowledge of the reality of migration and intercultural encounters in Seville.

For this reason, Proclade Bética invites all those who wish to enter a very special ‘library’. To participate, all you have to do is show up at the Alameda de Hércules on Friday 15 July from 20.30 and reserve one of the places free of charge. There will be two shows: the first at 21.00 hours and the second at 22.00 hours. Bookings will be made until full capacity is reached.

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