Our schools, among the 100 best in Spain

Once again the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” has published the list of the 100 best schools in Spain. Among them, again, appear the three Spanish schools that we have in our province: Las Palmas (which appears in the 28th position and as the second best of all the Canary Islands); Seville (which appears in the 63rd position and as the sixth best in Andalusia) and Don Benito (which appears in the 69th position and as the best of all Extremadura). Besides those of our Province, in that list there are also two more of the Claretian Family: the Claret school of Madrid (74th) and the Claret Asckartza of Leioa, Vizcaya (89th). (You can know everything related to all the schools of the Claretian Family in Europe from the web www.tantobien.org)

Our sincere congratulations to all of them!

Here is the description that “The World” makes of the three schools of the Province of Fatima:

Las Palmas:


and Don Benito:

On the other hand, another newspaper, “El Español”, which has been publishing a list of “the 50 most outstanding schools” for 4 years, places among them those of Las Palmas and Don Benito. You have it here.


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