A logo has been designed (entrusted to the design company Monzon 8 of Seville) For our new Province of Fatima which pretends to be a visual expression of our identity and our mission.

Behind it is “WE ARE MISSIONARIES” which sums up our being. Something which we live in different environments (parishes, schools, YVM, solidarity, etc.) which form a whole. The main elements of the logo are a flame which reminds us of “spreading the flames“, the fire of the forge of Heart of Mary, and a dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, who is the protagonist of every missionary activity.

Also, the flame is composed, at the same time, by several that together form a unity. Utilising a vivid orange colour brings to mind the colours of a lively and warm fire.

Again, flame and Spirit are not elements that are superimposed, rather they are perfectly integrated, seeking the naturalness and simplicity of the Spirit but which gives meaning to the whole. Together they form a living, dynamic, constant, moving flame, which invites us to change and to go out, which calls us to mission.

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