News from Solidarity 68 of Proclade Betica

Proclade Betica has published the 68th issue of News from Solidarity. With these newsletters they want to be close to those people committed to the NGDO through their collaboration in projects of international cooperation and social action or participation in the programmes of Education for Global Citizenship and volunteering, as well as to serve as a tool to raise awareness from the Claretian mission and values.

They dedicate this issue to reflect on what International Cooperation means today, a concept that has evolved a lot and that is one of the areas of work of Proclade Betica. The NGDO is concerned that it should be a real tool to give the necessary and opportune answers to today’s reality. Because each of our thoughts, reflected in our actions, has at its core a conception of the world that reflects how we position ourselves before it and from where we look at it.

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