Message from the Provincial Superior on the situation of the COVID 19

“Let us pray to God the Father to increase our faith, help the sick to heal and support health workers in their mission. Let us strive to avoid the stigma of those affected: the illness knows no limits and no skin color; instead, it speaks the same language. Let us cultivate the “wisdom of the heart”, which is an “attitude infused by the Holy Spirit” in those who know how to open themselves to the suffering of their brothers and sisters and recognize in them the image of God…”
(Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson,
Prefect of the Dicastery for the Integral Service of Human Development,
at the time of the Coronavirus COVID-19).

Our Fr. Provincial, Carlos Alberto Candeias do Nascimento, cmf has addressed a communication to the Province of Fatima in view of the emergency situation by the COVID19. The Provincial Government encourages us to send it also to the lay leaders of our apostolic positions.

(Here it is in pdf format)


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