Meeting of the technical teams of the Procure of Missions of Portugal and Proclade Betica of the Province of Fatima

At the beginning of July a meeting was held in Seville of the technical teams working in the Procure of Missions of Portugal and Proclade Betica. The objective was to get to know each other, to share lessons learned from the work of the different positions and, above all, to advance in the strengthening of internal and external communication from the Procure of Fatima in areas such as international cooperation, social action or volunteering.

The meetings were valued very positively, insisting on the need to work in a network, to collaborate and learn together, and to go on building identity, formation and a common message of the Missions Procure in the Claretian province.

If you want to know more, click here to read the chronicle published in the web of Proclade Betica.


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