Meeting of Local Economes of the Province of Fatima

On 14 and 15 November, the meeting of local Economes of the Province of Fatima was held at the Provincial Curia (Seville, Spain).

The morning of the 14th began with the Eucharist and the prayer of Lauds presided over by the Provincial Superior, Fr Carlos Candeias cmf, who was accompanied by Fr. Serapio Sajeras cmf, who was 81 years old that day, and Fr. Michel Archange Tigui cmf, coming from Cameroon and assigned by Fr. General to our province, who will soon join the community of Almendralejo.

Manuel Segura cmf, provincial treasurer, began the session by pointing out the aim of the meeting: to get to know each other, to be formed, to receive information and to coordinate better. Each local treasurer then introduced the members of his community and gave a brief account of the mission carried out there.

The morning continued with a presentation in which some keys of the last General Chapter and of the First Provincial Chapter of Fatima were recalled, necessary to create “healthy communities” and to have a “more alive mission”, alluding to questions that affect not only as Claretians but also as treasurers of our communities.

The afternoon began with an invitation to share in common what was discussed in small groups. Once finished, there was a new presentation on the economy in the Congregation in which some points of interest were highlighted to help a better service as treasurers in the different communities, at the same time that some practical aspects to take into account were underlined. After a short break, the work session was resumed with a video giving an overview of the provincial economy. The first day of the meeting ended with a dialogue and exchange of views on other issues related to the provincial economy.

The morning of the 15th began with an hour of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. In the first session of the day, the FINCLAR platform was presented. In addition, some indications were given that could help to close the accounts for 2023 and how to upload the data for the 2024 budget. Also, in the dialogue that took place, information was given on how the issue of pensions is being managed in the three countries of the Province of Fatima to ensure that they are decent pensions, as well as on the issue of health care.

After a break, Fr. Jaime Pérez cmf explained how the Excel spreadsheet works and clarified some doubts. To conclude, the Provincial Econome gave the participants a copy of the statutes of the PUMS, explaining how to proceed. This was the end of the work planned for this meeting. In the afternoon, the participants were invited to take a walk around Seville and to celebrate the Eucharist in the chapel of the Hermandad del Silencio, where Fr Claret was a brother. The meeting ended with dinner and an evening meal.


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