Live the new Advent with joy and hope!

“Rise up… lift up your heads… be careful… be always awake!” (Luke 21, 25-28.34-36).

We begin Advent and with it a new liturgical year. A new liturgical cycle that will introduce us to Jesus from his birth to his resurrection, glorification and permanent presence in the Church. Today we are asked to be alert. To be prepared.

We are too easily and too often distracted, and our minds are dulled by a thousand worries. We may not grasp this nearness of God to us and we may not realise his coming and his continual visitation. Stand spiritually on your feet! You will know what you have to do for it.

And lift up your eyes to Jesus! Your liberation is at hand!

Live the new Advent with joy and hope!

It is a new grace of the Lord placed in your hands and in the hands of all of us.


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