‘Lenten Walk’ of CIC

Despite the fact that classes are suspended due to the COVID-19 situation, the Carvalhos Boarding School does not want this special time of Lent to be forgotten and therefore, throughout these weeks they have been ‘leaving messages’ and ‘walking’ with their students through different texts and gestures.

Here we leave you the last one, which may come in handy in view of the Holy Week that is about to begin very soon:

In this journey we have made together, we have reflected, we have questioned ourselves, we have shared our gifts and we have prepared our hearts for the real Easter.

At the moment we are all physically gathered at home due to the quarantine imposed by the pandemic, but we are looking forward to the day when we can go out, celebrate, restart a new phase of our lives. We live in times of reflection and questioning, we feel we have to be strong, overcome uncertainties and find the gifts we have to start again.

At the same time, we live a time of Lent, a time of inner preparation, of reflection, a time of building a path towards Easter (Restart, Passage). 

Never have these two moments (Quarantine and Lent) been so close and with so many similarities, and never have we waited so long for this change (Easter, New Beginning).

Therefore, we propose to walk this path together, preparing ourselves for the new beginning, to be reborn and to start anew together. Let us be part of this New Covenant that God seeks to establish with us through his Son Jesus.

Jesus came to teach man the way of true life: a way sustained in Love, service and the gift of life.

It is time for us to truly commit ourselves to follow Jesus on this path, becoming actors of a New Humanity.

Each of us has gifts within us that can shed light on this path we are walking together. In a moment of personal reflection, we invite each of you to find that gift, that characteristic which, put at the service of others, makes our community stronger.

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