Lenten Conferences continue at the Shrine of the Heart of Mary

Under the motto ‘Embrace the present. Together for a new way’, the 14th edition of the Lenten Conferences at the Sanctuary of the Heart of Mary (Carvalhos, Pedroso, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal) continue. Last Sunday, 19th March, the penultimate conference took place:


4th Conference: The economy of Francis. By Diana Salgado and Diego Nunes. On 19 March, in the Claret Auditorium of the Heart of Mary Sanctuary, the fourth Lenten Conference was held, with the participation of Diana Salgado and Diego Nunes, two young people who are part of a worldwide movement, led by the younger generation, commonly known as “The Economy of Francis”. In front of an audience of more than 100 people, these young people described the great challenge of the “Economy of Francis”, which is configured as the development of a process of change in the global economy.


Information provided by José Manuel Cruz


– Click here to read the full report of the 4th Conference: The Economy of Francis. By Diana Salgado and Diego Nunes.


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