Find a place these Christmas days to say to our loved ones: “I trust you”.

SUNDAY 4th OF ADVENT – CYCLE A (Mt 1, 18-24)

This Sunday’s Advent reading could well be considered as a “typical” scene of family conflict: a superimposed situation that confuses a part of the family and creates suspicion, distrust, doubts… mistrust. In the case of St. Joseph – as it could not be otherwise – his reaction, at least, is full of mercy (“he did not want to expose Mary publicly). It is not always like that in our families. Nevertheless, in the case of St. Joseph, the unresolved matter, as so often in the bosom of the family, is the lack of trust and the absence of God. When we let ” This one ” be present… how things change!

Christmas is an ideal time to heal wounds, close conflicts, undo blunders… recover the “empire of love”. That is why we invite you to find a place during these days of Christmas to – putting ourselves in God’s hands – say to our loved ones: “I trust you”

Alicia del Pozo and Francisco Bonachera

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