Liturgical Memorial of the Claretians Martyrs

Yesterday the Holy See sent to the Secretary General the approval of the inclusion of the MEMORIA OF BLESSED PHILIP DE JESUS MUNARRIZ AZCONA, PRIEST AND COMPANIONS, RELIGIOUS AND MARTYRS in the Calendar proper to our Congregation on February 1.

Attached herewith:

Attached herewith:

. Letter Document from the Holy See dated 25 January 2019;
. Approved Liturgical Texts in SPANISH AND ENGLISH by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments;
. Letter of the General Prefect of Spirituality, Fr. Gonzalo Fernández Sanz CMF, in view of this celebration: ENGLISH and SPANISH.

Happy celebration of the Memoria of Blessed Philip de Jesús Munárriz Azcona, Priest, and Religious Companions and Martyrs on February 1!



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