Feast of the Eucharist in the Parish of St. Mary of Tondela

On Thursday 8th June, Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi), 22 children of the third year of catechesis of the Parish of Santa Maria de Tondela (Portugal) celebrated the Feast of the Eucharist, in the presence of the whole community.

Fr. Victor Portugal, parish priest, spoke to the protagonists in his homily about the meaning of this great feast from the Word of God: “Children, today you are going to participate fully for the first time in the Eucharist, because you are going to receive in your heart the real and substantial presence of the Lord Jesus in the consecrated host, in the bread of the Eucharist”. He also addressed the whole assembly, especially their parents, stressing that these children grow in faith within the Christian community, so we are “accomplices” in their First Communion, since we all form the family of the Church, gathered around the table of the Word and of the Eucharist, receiving the Bread of Life, which is Jesus offered for us.

The children’s faces and looks reflected the joy, serenity and peace of having received their First Holy Communion. Congratulations to all!



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