Families’ Dinner at Claret School in Las Palmas

The evening of Friday 14th April was special at Claret School in Las Palmas thanks to the celebration of the ‘Family Dinner’ promoted by the Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students (AMPA) of the school. It was a heartwarming meeting that served as a chance for families and the school to shake hands, after a 3 year break due to COVID19.

The event gave recognition to the hard work and effort of different members of the school community: to Antonio Rivero and Mónica García for their 25 years at the school; to Anwar Hawach for his work as head of the writing competition; to Father Isidro Cortés for his great pastoral work; to Armando Jesús Rivero in recognition of his work as head of the tracers who were advising the school during the pandemic; and to the student mediators for their work in coexistence at the school.


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