“Express Lenten Talks” the ECEM proposal in these last days of Lent

We are approaching the Great Week of the Christian. And we do so in a complex and very hard context due to the pandemic by the COVID 19. For both reasons these days should be for us an occasion of special closeness to Jesus, the Lord of Life.
At the same time we know that in this season of forced confinement at home many of you receive an enormous amount of messages, videos, images… through the different social networks.

That is why the proposal for these days of our Claretian Missionary Evangelization Team (ECEM) is that of some “Express Lenten Talks,” which will not last more than 7 minutes. They will be from today, March 31 to Friday, April 3.

They will be posted on their Youtube Channel and here is the presentation they uploaded yesterday:

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